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Apple and other OEMS may Increase Production in India after new Rules

To make Apple and other electronic manufacturers to ramp up domestic production, the government has relaxed rules that previously stagnated local production.

The government has dropped certain clauses that included plant and machinery to be brought from China and South Korea.

This could favour India in a big way when it comes to local manufacturing.

India could attract investments from the US from this decision. Donald Trump has been pressurizing US Companies to shift manufacturing out of China.

Updates to PLI Scheme

Among the changes that were brought forth, a crucial update may be a consultation with the industry before making any changes to the PLI scheme once these companies have invested and began manufacturing in India. Previously, it had been only the empowered committee who would unilaterally take decisions on the scheme, which was opposed by many within the industry.

The other changes made to the scheme include removal of multiple caps including the clause which said the govt would release the motivation for meeting the targets, as long as it had the cash to try to to so. Instead, the committee has added a clause where companies can enforce act of God , which allows them to hunt relief once they aren’t ready to meet targets thanks to unforeseen circumstances like the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

Another change within the scheme includes the revision of advantages with reference to the assembly targets achieved by the businesses also because the performance in India. The graded incentives will range between 4% to six over a five-year period.

To avail it, foreign companies will need to manufacture high-end smartphones (with freight on-board value of quite $200) of quite Rs 4,000 crore over and above their production level within the base year.

Furthermore, smartphone makers will need to build up manufacturing of high-end phones to Rs 8,000 crores, Rs 15,000 crores, Rs 20,000 crores and Rs 25,000 crores over the bottom year production within the subsequent five years to urge the incentives.

PLI Scheme Purpose?

The PLI scheme benefits large scale electronics manufacturers like Apple, Samsung with financial incentives in a bid to boost local manufacturing and attract large investments.

The government has proposed up to Rs 40,951 crores as production-linked benefits to be awarded over a period of 5 years.


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