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Diamond Studded Masks sold in Surat Jewellery Shop

Surat Jewellery Shop selling Diamond masks worth 1.5-4 lakh rupees
Image Credit | Thailand Medical News

Diamond Studded Masks sold in Surat Jewellery Shop

Face Masks have become crucial part of our life now. It’s also mandatory across the country after covid-19 outbreak. In Surat a jewellery shop is selling diamond-studded masks.

These masks can cost between 1.5-4 lakhs.

Dipak Choksi is the owner of such jewellery shop selling diamon masks. He came up with this idea after a customer demanded unique masks for a wedding.

“Pure Diamond and American diamond have been used with gold to make these unique masks”, Dipak Choksi said.

With Yellow Gold used with American diamond to make masks, it costs 1.5 lakh rupees. While on the another hand mask made with white gold nad real diamond costs 4 Lakh rupees

The shop owner said that the material material of those masks is in accordance with the rule of the govt .

He said diamond and gold from these masks are often taken out as per the wish of consumers and used it for creating other jewellery items.

A customer, Devanshi at the jewellery shop said: “I came to the shop to shop for jewellery as there’s a wedding within the family. Then I saw diamond masks which look more attractive to me than jewellery. So, i made a decision to shop for it as per my matching dress.”

Recently, a person named Shankar Kurade in Pune possesses himself a mask made from gold worth Rs 2.89 lakhs amid the COVID-19 pandemic.