Home Business India may restrict import of smart power metres from China

India may restrict import of smart power metres from China

India may restrict import of smart power metres from China

The World have already seen the chinese spying and using malwares in their devices and phones. India import the chinese smart power meters to use a electicity meters.

Indian government is concerned about the potential malware in these meters. The Union Power Ministry is not favour of using Chinese metres in Energy Effiecieny Services.

The move, which comes against the backdrop of a border clashes in Ladakh, which left 20 Indian soldiers dead, assumes importance as long as the National Democratic Alliance government plans to convert all electricity meters into smart prepaid meters by 2022. a sensible meter architecture requires a two-way communication network, control centre equipment and software applications that enable near real-time gathering and transfer of energy usage information.

“EESL shall not import Chinese smart meters, as long as these are connected to the electricity distribution networks, which may be a sensitive sector,” said a government official cited above.

The smart meter programme aims to exchange 250 million conventional meters to assist raise annual revenues of debt-laden discoms to ₹1.38 trillion. Also, smart meters are key to the success of India’s proposed ₹3.5 trillion distribution reform scheme—tentatively named Atal Distribution System Improvement Yojana (Aditya)— which aims to chop power losses below 12%.

EESL, last week, placed on hold a young awarded to Indonesia’s PT Hexing to provide 2 million smart meters, over concerns about its ownership and native manufacturing plans. PT Hexing is claimed to be owned by Hexing Electrical Co, based in Hangzhou, China.

Putting an order on hold and seeking clarification is that the first a part of the order cancellation process. This comes against the backdrop of reports about Uttar Pradesh Power Corp. Ltd’s decision to scrap a consignment of Chinese smart meters being procured by EESL.

“Our tender conditions are very clear. Any supplier must have a producing facility in India to be eligible to provide to us,” said Saurabh Kumar, director of EESL, a venture found out by NTPC Ltd, Rural Electrification Corp. Ltd, Power Finance Corp. Ltd (PFC) and power system Corp. of India Ltd.

Of the entire order that PT Hexing was rock bottom bidder, around 10,000 meters are supplied from its Indonesia facility, which have also been kept on hold. “PT Hexing had promised that they’re going to found out a facility here. We asked them formally last week about the status of their manufacturing facility in India. Till the time we don’t receive a satisfactory answer along side evidence, this whole order has been placed on hold,” said Kumar.

This comes against the backdrop of India’s strategy of erecting tariff barriers and other obstacles, including subsidizing finance for promoting local power equipment makers and prior-permission requirements for imports from countries with which it’s a conflict, as reported by Mint on Tuesday. While queries emailed to an influence ministry spokesperson weren’t answered till press time, PT Hexing couldn’t immediately be contacted.

Kumar of EESL added that of around 1.6 million smart meters supplied by EESL to the Uttar Pradesh , Haryana and Delhi governments, 1.4 million were made by Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd’ Rajasthan facility. The remaining were supplied by ITI and Larsen and Toubro.


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