Home Business No International Flight in India till 31 July

No International Flight in India till 31 July

No International Flight in India till 31 July

With the gradual increase in covid-19 cases in India, The DGCA has decided to suspend all international flight operations in the country till July 31.

Earlier the date was 15 July, but now it is 31 July.

However DGCA may permit international flights in selected routes.

India suspended all the domestic and flight services within the last week of March. The domestic flights have started operations in limited routes after a niche of two months in May. The domestic airlines have ferried on the brink of two million passengers since then, a senior government official earlier said.

The international passenger flight services within the country will resume during a phased manner during ‘Unlock 2.0’, the ministry of home affairs said on Monday. “International aviation of passengers has been permitted during a limited manner under the Vande Bharat mission. Further opening up will happen during a calibrated manner,” the central government said during a statement.

To bring back the stranded Indians from across the planet , the central government started Vande Bharat Mission on May 7. Air India and a number of other other private domestic airlines are operating flights under this repatriation mission. Over 4.75 lakh Indians have returned to India from abroad since it’s started, the ministry of external affairs said on Thursday.

“As on Dominion Day , against a complete number of 5,83,109 people that registered their requests with our missions abroad for repatriation to India, over 4,75,000 have returned under this mission,” ministry of external affairs Anurag Srivastava said.

The Vande Bharat Mission has entered its fourth phase from Thursday onwards. “Under Phase-IV of the Vande Bharat Mission, we’ll be operating quite 500 flights. This includes both Air India and personal carriers who are ramping up their operations during a big way,” Srivastava said.

In a tweet, the civil aviation Ministry said, “Private Airlines will have significant participation in Phase-4 of VBM. Among others, IndiGo will operate 238 flights from Qatar & 219 flights from Kuwait; while GoAir will operate 41 flights from Kuwait. Number of pvt carriers, flights & destinations likely to extend .”

Under the fourth phase of the mission, Air India will send 114 flights to 17 countries across the planet . These countries are Canada, the US, the UK, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia , Bangladesh, Thailand, South Africa , Russia, Australia, Myanmar, Japan, Ukraine and Vietnam.

VFS Global, a visa outsourcing and technology services provider for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide, is ready to resume visa application services in India. Travellers are going to be ready to apply for specific visa categories for Belarus, Denmark, Dominican Republic , Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, South Korea , Turkey, UAE, and uk .

“After specific embassies or consulates, also as local authorities have given their approval, VFS Global’s centres will accept visa applications for select countries and visa categories in specific cities,” the corporate said during a statement


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