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PM says need to break infrastructure silos, multi-modal connectivity in works

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said there’s a requirement to offer a replacement direction to the general infrastructure development of the country, and for this integration of key modes of transportation –road, rail, airplanes, waterways — is crucial. it’s important to interrupt the age of “working in silos” in infrastructure, he said.

The government is functioning to attach the whole country with multi-modal infrastructure to facilitate smooth transfer of products , cut time period and make transportation more efficient.

“It are going to be sort of a new revolution in infrastructure. Now the age of eliminating silos in infrastructure has come. For this, a really big plan has been prepared to attach the whole country with Multi-Modal Connectivity Infrastructure,” he said in his Independence Day speech.

He further said India will spend quite ₹110 trillion on infrastructure within the next five years, under the national infrastructure pipeline (NIP). The finance ministry has already identified 7,000 projects across various sectors to make social and economic infrastructure.

The government’s decide to roll out an ambitious infrastructure push of quite ₹110 trillion infrastructure over subsequent five years is a component of Modi’s vision to form India a $5-trillion economy.

According to official data, these 7,000 projects include ₹3.66 trillion Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, the ₹1.08 trillion Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor, the ₹19,000-crore Pune airport development programme, and therefore the ₹1.09 trillion North South Dedicated Freight Corridor, among others. As many as 1,342 water and sanitation projects worth ₹21.51 trillion have also been identified, including the Jal Jeevan Mission Implementation Project. Similarly, 710 social infrastructure projects worth ₹13.96 trillion are going to be a neighborhood of NIP, including the Mumbai City Affordable Housing Construction.

“There may be a got to provides a new direction to the general infrastructure development of the country to maneuver India towards modernity at a quick pace. This need are going to be met with the National Infrastructure Pipeline Project,” he said adding that spending on infrastructure may be a great way to offer fillip to economic process , and make employment opportunities.

Former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had laid the inspiration for India’s next generation infrastructure, with a road project called the Golden Quadrilateral, which connects Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai through a network of highways. “We got to take this forward,” Modi said.

He also said there’s a requirement to figure on port-led development and towards this, the govt will create a four-lane road on the brink of ports


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