Home India After 59 chinese apps banned, TikTok says We don't share data

After 59 chinese apps banned, TikTok says We don’t share data

After 59 chinese apps banned, TikTok says We don’t share data

Yesterday After Banning 59 Chinese Apps from India, tiktok insists that it did not pass on any information about it users to any foreign govt inlucding China.

Nikhil Gandhi TikTok India’s head, said the company had been invited to meet with govt officials to respond and submit clarifications.

The banned app TikTok along with other 58 chinese apps have been removed from th Google Play Store and Apple Store. Other popular Chinese apps banned include WeChat, SHAREit, Baidu, Clash of Clans, UC Browser

“TikTok continues to suits all data privacy and security requirements under Indian law and has not shared any information of our users in India with any foreign government, including the Chinese government,” Gandhi said.

“Further, if we are requested to within the future, we might not do so. We place the very best importance on user privacy and integrity,” he added.

The information technology ministry, which issued Monday evening’s ban order, had cited concerns that the 59 applications are ‘prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order’.

The IT ministry statement didn’t identify the 59 applications to be linked to China. But officialdom have pointed that the China connection was one common divisor between most of the applications that had been ordered to be blocked.

Monday’s order came against the backdrop of heightened tensions between India and China over the border dispute in Ladakh that led to the deadly June 15 confrontation in Galwan Valley. Home Minister Amit Shah, officials told Hindustan Times, had powered the choice that had been under discussion for weeks within the bureaucracy.

The National Security Council Secretariat, which had been involved within the deliberations after intelligence agencies raised a red flag over the applications, had also backed the move.

Tuesday morning’s statement by TikTok, however, indicated that the corporate still believed that it had a fighting chance to form a comeback. It described the govt ban as an “interim order” and underlined the role that it said TikTok had played.

“TikTok has democratised the web by making it available in 14 Indian languages, with many million of users, artists, story-tellers, educators and performers counting on it for his or her livelihood, many of whom are first time internet users,” the statement from TikTok India head Nikhil Gandhi said.

That assertion is unlikely to influence the govt to vary its stance.


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