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Alert!!! Google Blocks 11 android apps, check the List

Google Blocks 11 android apps

Google has been tracking some apps since 2017 and have finally removed them from Google Play Store.

These android apps were harming users by injecting virus on the user smartphone. 11 Apps are identified which were found to infected by Joker Malware.

Android Users who were using these 11 apps must remove them from their phones immediately.

List of 11 Infected Apps











These apps were buying subscription to premium services on behalf of users without their consent. The Users were robbed of their money without actually knowing about the subscribed services.

Despite Google Play having several security features the Joker Malware is tricky to detect.

Earlier this year, Google released a report where it said that it had detected and removed 1,700 malicious “Bread” apps from the Play Store. These Bread apps are ones with the Joker malware. oogle said that these apps were removed even before users could download it.

Last week, Google had removed 25 apps from its Play Store that were allegedly stealing your data. the matter was identified by French cyber-security firm Evina, which claimed that these apps stole Facebook credentials of users. The firm even mentioned that by the time they were taken down, these 25 apps were downloaded some 2.34 million times in total.

All these apps accompany different names but served an equivalent purpose. Some were step counters, image editors, video editor apps, others were wallpaper apps, flashlight applications, file managers, and mobile games.


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