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China Intentionally attacked Indian Troops in Galvan Valley

China Intentionally attacked Indian Troops in Galvan Valley

The earlier Galvan Valley Stand off in which atleast 20 Indian army men were martyred.

The Chinese General Zhao Zongqi serving in the PLA approved this operation along the borders of ladakh.

This attack approved by Chinese General led to dozens of death from both sides.

According to US News, General Zhao, earlier expressed concerns that China must not appear weak to avoid exploiation by the US.

The sources say, the standoff last week was to teach India a lesson.

The assessment contradicts China’s subsequent assertions about what happened on June 15 and indicates the deadly and contentious incident – during which a minimum of 20 Indian and 35 Chinese troops died, and reportedly a couple on all sides were captured and subsequently released – wasn’t the results of a tense circumstance that spiralled out of control, as went on before, but rather a purposeful decision by Beijing to send a message of strength to India.

Yet that plan appears to possess backfired, because the incident sparked widespread outrage in India that continues every week later. Beijing’s attempts to form India more amenable to future negotiations, including about contested territory, instead has seemed to have pushed the economic giant closer to the US.

Much is at stake even beyond territorial control. The US has pressured India for months to retreat from employing Chinese tech company Huawei to assist build its 5G infrastructure. within the aftermath of June 15 incident Indians were reportedly deleting Chinese social media app TikTok and destroying phones made in China.

“It does the very opposite of what China wanted,” the source says, adding that “this isn’t a victory for China’s military.”

It remains unclear the extent to which Chinese President Xi Jinping was involved within the decisions that led to the bloody encounter, though analysts conversant in Chinese military deciding say he would have almost certainly known about the orders.

Troops had amassed on each side of the border in recent months within the northern India region of Ladakh and therefore the southwestern Chinese region of Aksai Chin, causing global concerns of a possible escalation between the 2 .

Private geo-intelligence firm Hawkeye 360 recently reported that satellite imagery from late May showed a buildup on the Chinese side of what seemed to be armed personnel carriers and self-propelled artillery


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