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Health Ministry: No Covid-19 Vaccine till August 15th

Earlier, ICMR claimed to launch covid-19 vaccine by 15th of August. But in reality it takes months to years for development and testing of a vaccine.

The Health Minister clarified that along side the ICMR the govt is trying to fast-track the method to develop a Covid vaccine as early as possible but there’ll be no compromise during the clinical trials or at any stage since it might be hazardous. Harsh Vardhan said that 2 companies are given nod to travel ahead with the clinical trials and that they are following the specified measures to start out the method .

Dr. Harsh Vardhan said, “the development of vaccine will surely take time and one cannot predict a hard and fast date or month. the method might take months or maybe a year”.

The Health Minister said, “We spoke to WHO regarding the method to process to Fast-track development of vaccine and it recommended to support the businesses uring their clinical trails following all the specified norms”

Harsh Vardhan also said that consistent with WHO there are over 200 candidates of Vaccine currently because the world is trying to battle the spread of Coronavirus.

About the rapid rise within the number of Covid infected cases, the Health Minister said that India’s Covid graph isn’t exponential and therefore the surge in cases is thanks to rapid testing everywhere the country.

Harshvardhan said,” If you compare the worst affected nation, India’s positivity rate has decreased and therefore the deathrate is lowest. quite 60% of individuals have recovered from the virus which may be a good sign. India witnessed a rapid increase first thanks to the Tablighi spread then when migrants returned to their homes but after the lockdown, the doubling rate of the country has increased from 3 days to 21 days.”

‘Covid Vaccine impossible before 2021’

Earlier, the govt officials on Friday told the Parliamentary panel on science and technology that it’ll not be possible to form the Covid-19 vaccine till a minimum of next year.

The earliest possible time by when a vaccine against Covid-19 would be ready in India might be the primary quarter of 2021, officials told the Rajya Sabha committee .

The claims were made by officials of Department of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and therefore the principal scientific adviser to the govt during a presentation before the committee on Centre’s preparedness for Covid-19 and beyond.


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