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List of 59 Chinese apps which gets Digital Strike by India

List of 59 Chinese apps which gets Digital Strike by India

With the ongoing India-China bad relations with tensed environment for both sides. Indian IT Ministry ban’s 59 Chinese apps available in India stating they were harming the sovereignity and integrity of India, defence and security.

Past few week’s, China is repeatedly infiltrating Indian territory in Ladakh.

Earlied in violent face off 20 India men were martyred in Galwan Valley. Satellite Images are now showing that Chinese structures have built up in the same area where the intense face off took place.

News were also coming that China is bulking up military forces around LAC.

The move to ban Chinese apps came in the backdrop of these current events and situation. Many authorites and influencers were criticising China and use of their applications.

List of Banned Chinese Apps in India

List of 59 Chinese Apps banned in India by IT MInistry
Image Credit | Indian Express

Few Famous apps banned


One of the most popular Chinese apps in India is TikTok. India is the only reason that this app got such success. If Indian govt have taken the same step a yearback. This app would never been a huge succces and used by masses.
It acts as the rival to American apps like Snapchat and Instagram. It is a short video app mainly meant for entertainment and has shot up in popularity in India over the last few years. It is owned by Chinese tech giant Bytedance.

2) UCBrowser

Chinese web browser UC Browser gained popularity in India with the explosion of Chinese smartphones in the country. It is owned by a company UC Web which is in turn owned by Alibaba. It has recorded more than 500 million downloads globally with 7 million downloads in April only.

3) Shareit

A file sharing application extremely popular in India. Its major use case is sharing large sized files like movies pictures etc. between smartphones directly. The biggest positive is it is much faster than Bluetooth and also ensures transfer of files without loss in quality. It has more than a billion downloads globally with 21 million downloads.

4) CamScanner

A utility app popular among Indians is CamScanner. Used for converting images in pdfs.
It turns the mobile phone camera into a scanner and is used extensively for scanning official documents. The app is run by INTSIG Information. It has more than 100 million downloads globally with 8million downloads only in April 2020.

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