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No Final Year University Exams in Maharastra

No Final Year University Exams in Maharastra

Due to Covid-19 Impact and Maharastra being the worst covdi-19 hit Indian state. Maharastra govt on Friday has decided to cancel the final year exams in various universities in the state.

“However, those who want to take the exam should submit it in writing to the university and a decision in this regard will be taken on the basis of the influence of the covid-19 pandemic situation,” said Uday Samant, Minister for Higher and Technical Education, while interacting with students through the Facebook page of the Directorate General of Information and Public Relations.

With over 1.2 lakh cases detected thus far , Maharashtra is that the country’s worst-hit state by the covid-19 pandemic.

Samant said that the meeting of the State Disaster Management Committee was persisted Thursday under the chairmanship of the Maharashtra’s chief minister Uddhav Thackeray.

In view of the increasing transmission of the covid-19 virus, it’s been decided to cancel the ultimate year / final session examinations, keeping in mind the health and we’ll being of the scholars within the state.

“For several days, students and fogeys were confused about the university exams. This decision has been made to get rid of that confusion,” said the govt .

Students within the state, the govt said, should inform the university in writing about their decision on whether or not they want to require the ultimate year exams or not.

“Those who don’t want to require the exam thanks to the cancellation of the exam will get the degree consistent with the acceptable formula and people who want to require the exam are going to be decided later considering things of covid-19 pandemic,” said Samant.

If students pursuing non-vocational (traditional) courses, who have passed all the semesters but don’t wish to seem for the examination within the final one, the university has got to take this in writing from such students and provides them the degree or certificate by passing them for the ultimate examination.

Those who have passed all the semesters, but still wish to require the ultimate semester exam if the proper situation arises after covid-19, should also give their decision to the university in writing.

A similar decision has been taken for the examinations of scholars pursuing vocational training in engineering, pharmacy, hotel management, management, architecture, planning, computing , law, education , pedagogy, that permission are going to be sought from the apex body for the respective course.

Samant said that the choice on backlog and ATKT exams would be taken within the next four days under the chairmanship of Thackeray, in consultation with all the vice-chancellors.

He added that the govt has taken these decisions after giving serious consideration to the health of the scholars in Maharashtra.


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