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Independence Day 2020 amidst covid-19

Defence Ministry’s Special arrangements for Independence Day celebrations at Red Fort

This Independence Day, the Ministry of Defence will organize the Flag hosting ceremony on August 15 at Red Fort in Delhi, strict precautions related to covid-19 will be taken.
Mumbai on alert with Heavy Rains

Rains likely to lash national capital in next few hours

Rains likely to lash national capital in next few hours Some parts of delhi have already got waterlogged due to rain, here IMD have said, isolated placed of Delhi...
Universities want to conduct exams in the month of august or september

Have Permitted UGC TO Conduct University Exams

The Home Ministry has said it would allow university exams of students. The Decision was taken after requests by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the directions of the National Disaster...
Bengaluru riots

Karnata Congress MLA describes his escape: ‘Miracle that I am alive’

On Tuesday night Congress MLA Srinivasa Murthy was attacked by an angry mob carrying machetes, swords and petrol bombs. The MLA said he had a miraculous escape and claimed...
Bengaluru riots

Riot Hit area of Bengaluru resemble war zone

Riot Hit area of Bengaluru resemble war zone Pulakeshinagar area in Bengaluru resembled a war zone hours after an unruly mob went on a rampage torching vehicles, the riot...
Covid is like a common cold

How covid vaccines will be distributed in India?

After Russia claiming that it has developed the world's first covid vaccine offering "sustainable immunity" against covid-19. An committee headed by NITI Aayog will meet today to consider the aspects of getting...