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Pay Fine of Rs10,000 if caught using mobile phone while driving

Now Uttar Pradehs residents have to pay Rs10,000 in fine if caught driving while using mobile phones. The Uttar Pradesh govt has hiked the penalty for driving using phones. This has came into existence to ensure stricter adherence to traffic laws and improve road safety

“A penalty of ₹10,000 to be imposed on drivers using mobile phones while driving. Notification issued by the State Transport Department on July 30 2020, Thursday after Uttar Pradesh governmentt passed this rule in June,” ANI tweeted.

According to a WHO report on the use of smartphones while driving , studies suggest that people using a mobile phone while driving are approximately 4 times more likely to be involved in a crash than when a driver does not use a phone.

“Their role in driver distraction and consequently in road traffic crashes means that some measure of reining in their use while driving is required. This will require strict legislative measures, creative ways of stric enforcement, some degree of strict regulation of industry, and a shift in perceptions about what behaviour is “acceptable” at the wheel,” the report said.


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