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Thiruvananthapuram goes under triple lockdown for a week

Thiruvananthapuram goes under triple lockdown for a week

Thiruvananthapuram Kerala’s capital city, has announced a week long strict lockdown starting from Monday.

This descision of shutdown has come after the Kerala’s capital recorded 22 of the 38 Covid-19 patients who got infected through local transmission on Sunday.

Grocery Stored, medical stores, hospitals, banks will be allowed to run. All other non essential services will be shut.

Every Type of Public Transport will be shut in the city. The state’s headquarters will be closes as a security guard working in the headquarters had recently tested positive without any known exposure of travel history.

The shutdown are going to be a triple lockdown, said the govt during a statement. The Lock-I will restrict movement of all people within the district. The Lock-II are going to be enforced in hotspots of infection, where people are going to be mandatorily asked to stay-at-home. and therefore the Lock-III are going to be enforced within the houses of primary and secondary contacts of covid-19 patients to be in compulsory room-quarantine.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has an urgent meeting with senior officials, including state captain Loknath Behra and therefore the Chief Secretary Vishwas Mehta, at his official residence, currently.

Only one grocery are going to be allowed to open in a neighborhood and therefore the police will help the general public in home delivery of essential services, the govt said.

“Thiruvananthapuram is sitting on the highest of a volcano almost to explode,” said Kadakampally Surendran, the state minister for tourism and therefore the city-in charge on covid-19 task force. “We are seeing a surge in cases infected from local contacts and if we don’t apply vigil, things might leave of control. People should avoid unnecessary travel, gatherings, and use masks,” Thiruvananthapuram mayor K. Sreekumar told reporters that “the situation is getting serious”.

Kerala has been ready to weather a recent surge in cases while keeping deaths to a minimum, allowing it to offer variety of relaxations to the general public . But as cases have shown a resurgence, especially from undetectable sources of infection, the leaders are rethinking their hands-off approach.

On Sunday, the state reported 225 new infections, a touch but the state’s single-day record of 240 cases noted each day ago. Most of it were expats coming back from foreign countries or other Indian states. The state has 2,228 active cases thus far .


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