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CCTV Must in all Govt run Covid wards after Amit Shah hospital visit

CCTV Must in all Delhi Covid wards after Amit Shah hospital visit

AMit Shah held an all party meeting and paid a surprise visit to the Delhi LNJP Hospital after which he made CCTV a must in every Covid-19 wards of Delhi run govt hospitals

Delhi is th 3rd worst hit by Covid-19 infections. With 43,000 cases after Maharastra and Tamil Nadu.

Amit shah suggested counselling of doctors and nurses engaged in treating patients.

The LNJP Hospital was paid a surprise visit by Amit Sha, Shah directed the Delhi Chief Secretary to install CCTV camera in wards dealing with covid patients in every government hospital for proper monitoring.

The Union Home Minister began his day with a gathering of the Delhi chiefs of Aam Aadmi Party, the Congress, the BJP and therefore the BSP during which he appealed to the representatives of the four parties to shun their political difference and urge their workers to make sure implementation of the Delhi government’s coronavirus guidelines on the bottom .

This will enhance charitable trust and therefore the COVID-19 situation in Delhi will improve soon, he said.

Shah assured the political parties that the Centre will increase COVID-19 testing in Delhi by adopting new solutions.

The Home Minister’s visit came after television channels showed visuals of alleged mishandling of patients and bodies, and unhygienic conditions inside the COVID-19 wards of LNJP. Families of the patients had claimed that they weren’t being provided proper food and medical attention.

The Supreme Court too had expressed concern over the “horrific” state of affairs after listening of the reports.

The Delhi Government, after an announcement from Shah on Sunday for doubling of tests, hoped that the COVID-19 testing are going to be increased because the Centre had extended its laboratory facilities to the Delhi government.


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