Home Politics Due to Covid-19, Uma Bharti will not attend Bhoomi Pujan in Ayodhya

Due to Covid-19, Uma Bharti will not attend Bhoomi Pujan in Ayodhya

Bhumi Pujan for the inauguration of Grand Ram Temple in Ayodhya will held on 5 August 2020, in which PM Modi and several other people are coming. Uma Bharti is also on the list of attendees in the ceremony. Uma Bharti on Monday said she would npt attend the ground breaking ceremony of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

She would visit the site and offer prayers to ‘Ram Lalla’ after the event had concluded.

She tweeted this, a day after Union Home Minister Amit Shah and few other BJP leaders tested positive for covid-19.

Bharti also said she had informed the temple authorities and therefore the Prime Minister’s Office to get rid of her name from the list of attendees.

“Ever since I heard that Home Minister Amit Shah and a few UP leaders have tested positive for Covid-19, I’ve been worried for those that are going to be attending the groundbreaking of the Ram Temple. I’ve been especially worried for Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Bharti tweeted.

“I have informed the temple authorities that on the day of the ceremony, I shall remain on the banks of the Saryu river,” she added.

Expressing her fears over coming in touch with an infected patient, she said it had been better to remain faraway from the event.

“I are going to be leaving for Bhopal today. Till the time I reach Ayodhya tomorrow evening, there’s an opportunity of me coming in touch with a Covid positive patient. In such a situation, it’s better on behalf of me to remain faraway from an occasion which can be attended by the Prime Minister and a number of other others,” she posted on the micro-blogging site.

“I will visit the location and take darshan of ‘Ram Lalla’ after the Prime Minister et al. leave,” she added.

Earlier, the BJP veteran had said it might be embarrassing for her to boast about her role within the Ayodhya campaign, because it was the combined efforts of millions that led to fulfillment of their dream. “Like rivers merge within the sea, Narendra Modi’s presence is adequate at the inspiration stone laying ceremony for all folks ,” she tweeted in Hindi.

Meanwhile, the stone-laying ceremony seems to be becoming an instance of BJP veterans feeling slighted. While L K Advani, who led the Ram Janmabhoomi movement within the 1990s, remains expecting a call for participation for the ceremony, veteran leader M M Joshi has also not received an invitation .


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