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PM stamps approval on new National Educational Policy

PM Modi placed his political capital behind the new National Educational Policy(NEP), promising his full commitment to develop an implementation strategy for the first such policy in 34 years

“There is political will, and that i am fully committed, and that i am standing with the new education policy,” Modi said while addressing a virtual conclave on education reforms.

The NEP will help shift focus from “what to think to the way to think” and function the inspiration of the India of the 21st century, said the prime minister, asserting there’s no allegation of any bias within the policy.

“After the NEP came, there was no allegation from any region or segment that it had any quite bias or inclination. this is often an indicator that the changes people wanted to ascertain for years within the education system, they need need to see,” Modi said in Hindi. The policy lays the inspiration of a replacement India, the education and skills needed for the youth to strengthen India, and can empower citizens to access maximum opportunities, he said.

The NEP isn’t a mere circular and wishes strong will power to implement it, Modi said. He asked authorities to “develop an implementation strategy, create a road map, attach timelines, and obtain busy in arranging resources and human resources” to start out reforms. this is often the second time Modi was speaking about the new NEP within every week , indicating his government’s intention and his personal involvement in developing it, some extent that K. Kasturirangan, renowned scientist and head of the panel that drafted the policy document, also mentioned in his speech. Kasturirangan said the prime minister was closely involved within the policy drafting phase and a number of other new ideas, including “bag-less days”, were incorporated following his suggestions.

Modi said the NEP will take India forward. The policy has taken the primary steps in reforming the education system, which earlier ignored “interest, ability and demand mapping…The emphasis on inquiry-based, discovery-based, discussion-based, and analysis-based learning methods for youngsters will enhance their urge to learn…” Modi also supported education within the local language “wherever possible” for a far better learning environment.

He said within the 21st century the planet is moving towards an era where people will have multiple professions in their career span and therefore the new policy has kept that in mind, while advocating multidisciplinary education, multiple entry and exits at the undergraduate level, a tutorial credit bank, and a thrust on vocational training . “Higher education was relieved from streams,” he said, indicating how NEP reduces the rigidity between science and humanities and talks a few comprehensive model of education. While talking about technology adoption in education, Modi said there’s a mindset to adopt technology and India can provide technology and talent solutions to the planet . “We’re moving to an era where a private won’t be stuck to one profession all his life. Thus, he will continuously got to re-skill and up-skill himself. we’ve kept this in contention while formulating the National Education Policy,” he said.

The prime minister said as NEP expands, the method of autonomy for educational institutions will accelerate. He said there are two sorts of debates about autonomy. One says everything should be done strictly under government control, while the opposite says all institutions should get autonomy by default. He said the primary opinion comes out of a mistrust of non-government institutions, while autonomy is treated as an entitlement within the second approach


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