Home Technology AMD Announce that its chips have become 31.7 times morre efficient

AMD Announce that its chips have become 31.7 times morre efficient

AMD Announce that its chips have become 31.7 times more efficient

The Intel Competitor AMD today announced that is has acheived the goal of making its processors more efficient in 6 years. The Company had set this goal 6 years ago.

The Company has set goal of making its processor 25 times more efficient and the company achieved 31.7 times more efficiency.

While this clarifies that AMD has surpassed its goals by quite bit, the announcement is more significant due to the timing. Over in the week , Apple announced that it’ll be moving from x86 architecture-based processors from Intel to Advanced RISC Machines’ (ARM) 64-bit architecture. PC giant Microsoft has been doing an equivalent , and had even designed an ARM-based chipset called the SQ1 in partnership with Qualcomm earlier.

Chipsets supported ARM have always been known for his or her efficiency, and are utilized in mobile devices because they draw less power than AMD and Intel’s processors, which are both supported x86 architectures. Apple’s announcement within the week has raised questions on the longer term of companies like AMD and Intel in the PC industry.

The two companies though still provide more powerful processors than ARM-based chipsets and most powerful PC software require these processors to perform at their best. While companies like Adobe have made some such apps available on ARM-based systems, they still sport but half their full features.

Companies like Adobe are performing on ARM versions of their software, but it’s still unclear whether full versions of those software will ever be available for such chipsets. What ARM processors on PCs really achieve almost double the battery life on laptops immediately , which is probably enough to compromise on the performance loss.

If companies like Intel and AMD can produce more efficient processors, while keeping faithful their performance goals, they might remain relevant. In context of this announcement, Sam Naffziger, AMD Fellow, told AnandTech that ARM chipset designs are still to succeed in an equivalent level of performance as AMD and Intel’s high end processors.

To be clear, AMD’s announcement today don’t mean its processors are as efficient as ARM. But it’s an indicator that companies like these are working towards that goal, perhaps listening of ARM’s onslaught. Competitor Intel recently revealed its Lakefield processors, a hybrid CPU program that has been touted to be the company’s answer to ARM architectures. They use Intel’s Foveros 3D packaging technology to enhance efficiency and reduce the dimensions of the chip.


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