Home Technology Desi Zoom: JioMeet made in India is now available for all users

Desi Zoom: JioMeet made in India is now available for all users

JioMeet made in India is now available for all users

After Banning of 59 chinese apps including zoom which was highly used for video conferencing and interviews. Indian users are lacking behind from the wolrd in live video conferencing space with no zoom.

Reliance Jio’s JioMeet, a desi indian video conferencing platform is officially out for indian users. It is available for all users for free on Andoriod and iOS.

It is also available as desktop app on both Windows and Mac.

With JioMeet, Reliance Industries will rival zool like apps, Google meet, Skype, etc.

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JioMeet is free to be used and it is also made available in India, 2 factors that definitely give it an edge over peers. But what’s more intriguing about it is that Jio isn’t compromising with the features set.

For a free service, JioMeet is literally punching way above its weight when it comes to functionality. Plus, it also seems easy to use. The app already has 10,000+ downloads on Android, within few hours it went live.

JioMeet will allow you to video call simultaneously with up to 100 people and there are virtually no deadlines . Each video call can go “uninterrupted” for up to 24 hours and you’re liberal to have as many as you would like a day . Conferencing chops like scheduling and screen sharing also are available in JioMeet.

Hosts can check in with either a mobile number or email ID, send invite links, and password protect their meetings to stay meetings safe from prying eyes. JioMeet also offers waiting rooms for hosts in order that they can precisely control who can enter, and who must wait.

Again, of these features aren’t fresh or groundbreaking (Jio seems to possess taken tons of inspiration from Zoom while designing this one), but going by Jio’s user base, chances of JioMeet becoming the go-to video calling service for tons of individuals within the days to return are very high.

Curiously, Jio talks tons about enterprise-grade host controls within the app description, but makes no mention about the privacy aspects of JioMeet. The app features a proper privacy policy in situ though. The product’s website calls JioMeet India’s own, most secure video conferencing solution, but its exact security protocols (whether or not calls are end-to-end encrypted, for instance) still remain a mystery.

The privacy policy for JioMeet makes a mention of a “pro” version of the service which will be in development. Details about JioMeet Pro are scarce for now, though it seems Jio is planning advanced features like call recording, for paying customers. More details are awaited.


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