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Microsoft Windows 10: A Bug giving internet connectivity issue

After the Windows 10 May 2020 update, some newer bugs are plaguing the software which gives users connectivity issue.

Windows 10 updates are consumed with bugs and security issues all thorugh and MIcrosoft is dealing with them through follow-up security patches.

Windows 10 users are complaining that despite rebooting their laptops and resetting the router and even reinstalling network wireless adaptor – Windows 10 keeps showing the notification that it’s “No Internet Access”. And this seems to be the case with many users.

In spite of this ‘warning’, users are ready to go browsing through their browsers but certain features like Cortana, Microsoft’s Feedback hub and therefore the Microsoft Store and apps like Spotify aren’t working because of this.

The problem this point , as per reports, users have spotted the yellow triangle on the system tray that indicates the system has “No Internet Access” and this error has been spotted when the device is connected to the router correctly, yet Windows 10 is unable to attach to the web .

Windows Latest writes that Microsoft has now confirmed that there’s a problem with the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) resulting in users seeing the “No Internet Access” notification on systems that are still ready to access internet resources via the browser.


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