The best credit cards in the UK

The best credit cards in the UK



For you who lives in the United Kingdom, you are going to know the best credit cards in that region. You know how important they are for different reasons. Definitely, the world is becoming smaller if we consider online transactions, e-commerce, and so on! No matter how much you earn, there is a credit card waiting for you. Some of them have low limit, other have a high one. It’s crucial to think about each one and make the best choice according to your needs. 

There are many advantages of having a good credit card, such as:

Travel bonus = at the moment you start using your credit card, you will receive bonus and points. You will reserve a hotel room, purchase na airline ticket, pay for theaters and museums, and so on! 


Earn rewards such as cash back. You know that money is quite important in our lives, and credit card that is used wisely, help us to get a good cash back. Definitely, the world is becoming smaller as well, it’s simple to buy whatever you want from different stores and countries.


Using a good credit card increases your purchasing power. Remember that when you use a good credit card, you may receive bonus and even get a free airline ticket, for example.

One of the most important advantages of using a credit card is to make your dreams come true. Trip, courses, houses, cars, vacation, etc. 


What are the best credit cards in the United Kingdom


Barclaycard Selection Cashback Business Credit Card

APR is variable – about 21,9%. 

You have 1% cashback on elegible business spend every month. 



No annual fees on your account – it’s very good!

Up to 56 days’ interest-free credit at the moment you pay in full and on time.


Natwest Business Credit Card

For the first year, no annual business card fee. If you spend more than £6,000, the annual fee will be waived as well. Good news, isn’t it?

Mininum credit limit of £500 and maximum subject to status.

APR variable – about 24,3%.


Starling Bank

No monthly account fees.

Another advantage: no fees overseas.

24/7 support – if you need support, their team will be able to help you wherever you are.

Real time notifications at the moment you use your credit card.


Open your online account in few minutes and receive an excellent credit card. There are many advantages as well. Take a look at a couple of them.

You will be able to pause or resume your credit card instantly if it is lost or stolen.

If you want you can block ATM withdrawals.

Low rates to pay.


Virgin Money Balance Transfer Credit Card

0% in balance transfers rate for 29 months.


Money transfers rate – 0% for 12 months.

Purchase rates – 0% for 3 months.


Platinum Balance Transfer Card

This card offers some benefits such as:

0% for up to 3 months on purchases. After 21,95% fee for balance transfers made in the first 3 months. 

0% interest up to the first 27 months. 


There are great credit cards in the United Kingdom. Definitely, the world is becoming smaller and e-commerce is an excellent choice. It is essential to compare fees and benefits from each one, and surely, your life will be much better. What about your dreams? Would you like to travel? Do you need to buy a new car? Are you graduating? Do you need to pay a course such as MBA? There are lots of advantages!

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